Private tuition in Spanish, German and Greek is available at all levels including beginners’, GCSE and A level exam preparation, as well as recreational sessions for all age groups.

Tuition is provided on an hourly or daily basis, with fees of £45 per hour up to GCSE, A-level and beyond.

Materials used during lessons and outside lessons for private study tasks can be discussed prior to the first lesson, with recommendations made depending on the syllabus, exam board or private needs in question.

George Howell graduated from the University of Bristol in 2006 with a 2:1 in Spanish and German with Oral Distinction and is of half Greek descent. Since September 2006 he has been providing private tuition in Spanish, German and Greek to groups and individuals across all age groups and a wide range of levels, from beginners to those preparing for university. His experience has led him to work according to requirements set out by a number of exam boards and his thorough, patient methods have led to a high success rate, with many students achieving grades 8/9 at GCSE level and A / A* at A-level. He has also worked as an oral examiner for German and Greek GCSE.
In addition to his teaching work, George also uses German and Spanish regularly on a professional level in the paper industry.

Below is some information about how he works:

“I have been tutoring full time in three languages since graduating in 2006. This has led to a strong track record with high overall results achieved by exam level students, all having achieved A -C at GCSE and A-level. Those learning for pleasure or professional reasons have also achieved high standards.

During the summer months I run a summer school offering Greek Immersion Courses in Greece, called Grecophone.

As a result of my own language learning experience I relate very closely to those learning a new language, understanding what difficulties can arise and have a number of strategies for overcoming these hurdles. I draw on my experience and recognise the varying needs of learners, tailoring my lessons to the needs of the person in question. I am very patient and encourage students to recognise linguistic patterns with which they become familiar in order to feel secure in the new language. I also motivate my students to set themselves high standards in order to make progress. My aim is to make lessons enjoyable and well structured to aid progress, so that students have a sense of achievement at the end of sessions. I also guide exam level students in exam strategies in order for them to be able to use their skills in the most effective way possible in order to achieve good results.” Spanish tutor Cornwall, German tutor Cornwall, Greek tutor Cornwall .

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I comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulation, in that:

-Your personal data will be retained by George Howell as a sole trader on behalf of Cornwall Language Tuition for the duration of your tuition, in order to enable me to contact you to discuss your language classes.

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